a splater of color with the words art gallery on it
abstracte art made with primary colers    
the picture of dawson young
Hi my name is Dawson and this is what i did all year.I started this off not th+at good but by the end I was ok.But I could not have done all of this with out my teacher Mrs.Varner.

This was my first ever project that me did in this class and it looks better then I thought.We were learning about lines and how to use them properly.I used illustrator to makr this.

a vase of flowers with a candle deside it
a picture john williams dawson
This was my threed project and we did a stilelife.When we started it was hard but it got easyer as we went along.I used illustrator to make this project.
a optical illusion
This is a picture of John Williams Dawson.We were learning about coler and hue.This is what turned out.I used artrage to make this peace.
initles of my family This was my 7th project it took so look becuase there was so many little things to coler in.This was my favorite one to do though eventhough it was so long and hard.I used illustrator.
Thid was my sixth project and it was very fun but also hard.I had th figure out what kind of design to do for each one.I used illustrator to make this.