Multi-colored art portfolio banner
Girl standing in front of doors near statues Hi, I'm Marissa, welcome to my art portfolio. Most of my work here is inspried by things that are currently happening and/or by books, movies, plays, and musicals. One of my favorite pieces was inspired by a play and it's the still life. I like this one so much because everytime I see it, it makes me think about the play and it was the one of the most amazing experiences in the world. When people see my work I hope they remember good times they had and makes them feel amazing like I do when I see my still life. Besides graphic arts, I also like theatre, other forms of art(drawing and painting), horseback riding, creative writing and reading.. In the future I would like to become a veternarian, but I would like to do more work with birds of prey than anything else. I also like the idea of being an author or a theatre director.
This project was for the unit shape. I used Adobe Illustrator to create it. This is my favorite piece I've made in this class. I was inspired by the play that I was in this fall. There was a teaparty scene in it and I thought it would be fun to recreate the scene in the still life. I had trouble putting the shadows in the right place and making sure everything looked like the light was coming from the same place. Cake, teacups, and flowers in a vase on a table
White and black illusion For this project we were studying the unit space. I used the program Adobe Illustrator. It was hard to think of something to do since I'm not very creative when it comes to abstract art. I also had trouble making sure the colors didn't touch the same color.
This piece was something I made for a free draw. I used the program ArtRage, which I normally prefer not to use. I decided to make a phoenix because of a book I was reading at the time had a character that owned a phoenix. Phoenix flying into grey sky

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This project was for the animation unit. I used Adobe Illustrator to make the characters and the background. I also used Flash to animate the drawings and put the animation with the music (which was used with permission).
For this piece I used Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. I also used a scanner to get the picture of my shoe. I used Photoshop to cut the pieces I wanted and to make the pieces the color I wanted. I used Illustrator to put the pieces together to make the bird and add the background.   Multi-colored bird sitting of tree branch
decorative monogram decorative monogram decorative monogram
  These 3 monograms were for the typography unit. I used Adobe Illustrator for all 3. I used quotes that reminded me the most of each person. The hardest part was making sure the quote and initial letters didn't overlap.  
Multi-colored spikes with a swirl behind it    
This project was from the unit line. It was the first piece of artwork I'd ever made in Adobe Illustrator from scratch. The inspiration for this project was an artist named Calder who is known for using the primary colors and bold black lines. This being the first thing I'd ever drawn of Illustrator, I had a lot of trouble with getting everything in the right placement, but it eventually came together.
This project was for a Christmas card contest for the school. The program I used to make it was Adobe Illustrator. Reindeer standing next to small tree