multi colored twirled heading

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This is my animation project. It was so hard to make but it turned out pretty decent at the end. For this project I used Adobe Flash Professional CS5. I animated the nursery rhyme, Fuzzy Wuzzy. Everything was drawn in Illustrator and animated in, of course, Adobe Flash.

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stickman surrouned by hearts This is a free draw I drew in ArtRage, and I named it Noodleman. The reason it's called Noodleman is because while I was drawing the stickman, my friend beside me said it had noodle arms and legs. I love hearts so I used the heart stencil to make all those hearts around Noodleman.
This is my Still Life project which I made in Adobe Illustrator CS5, and it's pretty obvious that I didn't finish. Before we started making it on the computer we had to sketch out what we were going to make and let Mrs. Varner check it. For the vase and bowl I used the pencil tool to shape them and then added a 3D effect, Extrude and Bevel. For the table and background I made a rectangle and used the gradient tool to make the effect of light shinning. a illustarted picturer of a vase with flowers inside it and a bowl of apples
bottom parts of a shoe colored and copied over again This is my shoe project done in Adobe Illustrator CS5. What I did was take off my shoe and put it on a scanner. What was scanned was put into my flashdrive. I edited the pieces of the shoe in Adobe Photoshop CS5 and put them into Illustrator. I basically just kept copying and pasting over and over again.
a picture of colored swirls in the middle and colored triangles on the top and bottom
This is my Calder project where we attempted to imitate the artworks of Alexander Calder. This was made in Illustrator. My teacher played a slideshow of some of the works Calder has done so we can get inspired. I really didn't know what to do and I was running out of time so I just did what you see to the right here.
a painted imitation of a mango This a freedraw that I call Mango. I didn't know what to draw so I started mixing the colors red, light green, and orange. This was done in ArtRage. It obviously looks like a mango.
This is another freedraw that I call Cotton Candy. It's like my Mango freedraw but it's imitating cotton candy this time. I made it in ArtRage. a painting imitating cotton candy
a darwn beary This is a freedraw I call Beary. I didn't know what to draw so I asked my friend next to me and she said to draw a bear. I can't really draw realistically so I just drew it like that. I made it in ArtRage.
This was a regular picture of giraffes but I edited it in Photoshop. What I did was liquify it then change the Hue/Saturation. I love giraffes and my friends call me a giraffe because to them I'm tall. a picture of giraffes that are purple and blue and are swirled
a drawn picture of a baby chick This is another freedraw that I call Baby Chick. Like before I didn't know what to draw so I asked my friend next to me and she suggested that I draw a chick. This was done in ArtRage.

This a freedraw that I call Bunny. Like the others my friend suggested that I draw this. This was done in ArtRage. I used the letter stencil to make the word ''bunny," and used the crayon tool to draw the bunny.

a drawn picture of a bunny
a picture of a person wearing a white sweater I'm Alexa Reynaga, a six grader with Digital Art as an elective. I learned alot of new things but one thing is how to make illusions that are black and white. My favorite projects were Still Life and Animation. In Still Life what we did was create vases or bowls with fruit or candy in Illustrator. And for animation we took a legal nursery rhyme and made an animation out of it. My brother inspires me because he took this same class and it seemed very interesting and other artists inspire me to make the art like my teacher, Mrs. Varner. I hope the viewer viewing my artwork thinks and feels my creativity.