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This project is titled "Going Places". My inspiration actually came from the fortune in a fortune cookie that read: "You will take a pleasant journey to a place far away." It took me a while to get inspiration but I finally decided on combining different landmarks into one sort of skyline. This project is probably my favorite out of all the ones I've done this school year. The unit we studied for this project was space.






Programs used: Adobe Illustrator & Adobe Photoshop







This project was made entirely out of lines or blends (except for the background). Even the birds are collections of different colored lines very close together to create a gradient effect. Although it didn't take long this project was one of my favorites to make and I like how it turned out. The unit for this project was color.






Program used: Adobe Illustrator

sailboat at sunset






This project is my mandala and another favorite of mine. I used various different watercolor brush strokes and put them in a circular pattern to create this. Mandalas are probably my favorite thing to create in free time, I think I've made at least 10 others. The unit for this project was line.





Program used: Adobe Illustrator






This project is called a sumi, which is Japanese. The symbol means music and i hand drew it in Adobe Illustrator. I chose this symbol because music is and always has been very important to me. I also chose this because it was one of the more complicated symbols and I wanted a challenge. The unit for this project was line.







Program used: Adobe Illustrator

japanese symbol that means music

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This video is my animation project. We had to animate an idiom for what it literally means, not what we understand it to mean, so i chose "let the cat out of the bag". The unit for this project was animation.



Program used: Adobe Flash & Adobe Illustrator

So this is me (from behind haha). My name is Leanna and I'm a 7th grade 2nd level graphic arts major. Some new things I learned this year is how to make blends in Adobe Illustrator and how to clone in Photoshop. My work is kind of inspired by everything around me, the beach, my favorite artists (ex. VanGough) and my amazing teacher Mrs. Varner, who has thought me since 4th grade. I hope that people will see beyond my simplistic design and truly appreciate the work behind it.