My Art Gallery black background white and Green text
red monochrome lincoln This art of lincoln was in the unit of color and I used Art Rage.I used monochrome red to draw Lincoln and the background.The dark red drapes represent the curtains at his theature box before his death.


This unit was program intergration and I used Photoshop and Illustrator and the scanner on printer.I used pieces of my shoe to make a pattern and create a pattern.The bright colors stand out compared to the dark background. pieces of shoes diferent colored arranged in a pattern
A checkered tunnel black and white This unit was space and I used Illustator to make a optical illusion.If you cross your eyes it looks like a flower,but normally it's a tunnel.This was really hard to color the squares black and white because it hurts my eyes.
     comic cover called plague with plague doctor on front
This is my custom comic made in Illustrator and Indesign and the unit was Layout.This is a comic about an avenger of man here to stop the plague from killing more than it has.Click comic cover to see the full version --------------------------->
candle,orange and best dad mug together still life This unit was shape and form and it was made in Illustrator.The fire on the candle is the best part, I worked on it for a while.Also for comedy there is a best dad mug with a tea bag in it.
  picture of me  
In this class I learned that Graphic Art is the most fun way to do art. My favorite project was Lincoln because he is my favorite president and he is very strange to draw.My sister is an inpiration because she is very good at graphic art and she helps me to do it right.I hope you see the future of graphic art from my work.When I was young I always loved art especially on the computer.Now I get to show my skills and impress Mrs.Varner.