My Art Gallery Heading
    My Portrait Project
To the right you will see a picture of me choped up. I chose words out of a magazine to dicribe myself and I scaned them to Photo Shop. I sat that aside while I took a picture of my face and instead of live tracing, I traced my face my self in Photo Shop. Upon that, I used Illustator to add different textures to the pieces of my face. I took the words that discribed me and placed them in different areas, I made one stand out to show that is my favorite word that discribes me. After all of that, I added a background that didn't satant out very much but gave it a tone that my favorite word dicribes.
My Mandala
To the left you will see my mandala that I made in Illustator. I used the Rotate tool to evenly distribute the different lines. At first I thought I was going to restart untill I added the background that made it pop out.
To the right you will see my Flash animated project. The focus was to make a movie clip that moved and also make a litteral saying. My saying was playing by ear. I took lots of effort to make it seem as if it was in first person view. I made it in Illustrator and of course Flash.

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A Campain Poster    
To the left you will see my Campain Poster, It reads "If You Dont Vote You Just May Choke." The reson why it says this is because if you dont vote and some one for office gets ellected and you didnt agree with that person that you choked. I made this in Illustrator and Photo Shop. I went into photo shop and I found this picture of a chalk board and I used the clone tool to get rid of the prvious writting. The I went into Illustrator and typed my words and relized they poped out too much so I made a grey rectangle and lowered the oppasity and put thar rectangle in front of the chlak words.
    My Project of blending
The project to the right is focused on the method of blend. I call it the "The Ghost Cat." We had the option of making a land scape or an animal. I decided that the animal was going to be harder so I exepted the challenge. I own cats so Iknow a great deal of one looks like. I also know that there is alot of stray cats out in the big cities. So I decided to combine the two. I made this grat peice of work in Illustrator.
Picture of me
Hello, My name is Jared and I am one of the many artist in the most wonderful class of Graphic Art which our teacher Mrs.Varner will be sadly retiring this year. Mrs.Varner has taught me alot of great things this year that are not all about art. Such as, when the computer is not functioning exactly how you would prefer that you just be patient. Also, its not the computers fault, it is just made of plastic, metal, and a few screws. When ever we may say that "its not letting me..." than Mrs.Varner would say, "Refraise." That is one reason that I started digital art, because of Mrs.Varner's sence of humor. I've alwayse enjoyed art, I was in 4th grade and we got to choose what we wanted to do, I picked art because I always loved to draw and that is what I wanted to do. In order to do art, you have to rotate through all the different types of art, photography, studio, graphic, etc. When I finally got to Mrs.Varners class, she influenced me to like digital art even though at first I didnt even know it was a thing.