A multi-colored heading
A calder prodject with mulit-color   A desk that has a Dr.Pepper and a vase with flowers in it
When we did calder we where in the line lesson.     We where on or lesson of space when I made this still life.
A lantern made of bottem of mt shoe     A black and whight space prodject
We where in the pattern lesson when we did the shoe prodject.     We where in the lesson of space it was hard but I got througth it.
A tyep with my an my familiy anecales   A cartoon devil
We did this a mix of filters and other cool tricks on this typography.   A videogame chacter how try's to scare you with his puzzles and mind games .
A fire breathing ghost that is muti-colored    
This is on of my favorite because it is my logo for my YouTube chanel.















This is a picther of me






My name is Nolan and im a 12 years old and I live with my mom, dad, and sister. My sister brougth home a lot of art work and I felt I need somthing on the walls so first I joined this class and I thought it was hard and then I made so friends and now this class is the most fun class. Ive learnd alot like anamation,space,and even web desine but my favriot thing I learnd was shape and form and class is lots of fun and I hope I can learn a lot more in 7th and 8th grade.