A heading that is mixed with black and blue and with black letters
A yellow vase with a bowl of fruit next to it with a coffee besides the both objects    
This is a project that I had a really hard time on because, it was not easy to use all of the tools. I learned to use the 3D tool to make the vase, fruit,bowl, and the cup of coffee. I also used the gradient tool to make the fire on the candle to make it go from light yellow to dark orange. For the background I used the gradient tool for the wall as dark to light blue. I also put the objects on a table, so it can be realistic.
Letters with designs in them and around them    

This is the easiest project I've done because, you had to use the type tool and design the letters and around them. Using the mask clipping tool was easy, to make the background for each letters or I drew inside the letters. I used the gradient tool to make the background for each of these boxes. I also put a little describtion about the person for only 2 initials.

Shoe pieces that I turned into art, and made a background that is blue and white    
I used pieces from a shoe to turn into art. I used the gradient tool again to make the background with a blue circle in the middle and the rest white from the edges. Getting the shoe pieces from photoshop to Adobe Illustrator was really hard because, you had to go back and forth just to get each piece into Adobe Illustrator. Overall, this project was also one of my favorite ones. Arranging the shoe pieces was kinda hard but, it was easy.
A portrait of a president, and the main color is blue    
Working on this project was hard because, we had to work in ArtRage. Working in ArtRage is hard because, we had to paint a person and that is really difficult. We alone had to use one color so I used blue. I had a blue background. I used light blue and dark blue on his face and on his clothes. Making the hair was easy all I did was making little curls.