A banner with a "kittydog" on it
a ficture of me and my friends on the bus Hi, my name is Angelina Maldonado, and I am in the sixth grade of the year 2016-17, right now I am writing this in my digital art class, I have learned so much things this year in this class, Like I learned the diffence between file types and what raster and vector is, and we have done many projects, but my favorite is probably my Calder piece, which is the piece right below this text. I really like this piece because of the balance and composition it has, and the colors are very bright, too. I have been inspired by a lot of people and because of those people I have come to where I am now, for instance, a few people I look up to are: A few youtube animators, who have inspired me to do animation, and my family and friends, who have helped me become who I am. A few of my friends are Marilyn, who is in sixth grade, Janiyah, who is also in sixth grade, Joshua, who is in eigth grade, and Tiffany, who is also in sixth grade.
I am the one with curly hair, sitting on the outside of the seat next to joshua, and that is my other friend Janiyah, and we are all on the bus going home after school.  
a picture of thomas jefferson in different shades of blue a picture with circles on it and a swirl
This is my monochromatic project, for the concept color, and we had to get a picture of a famous person from a website, and put the photo into ArtRage and try our best to copy it in one color.After we finished the project we had to find a quote from that person and put it in the bottom using Photoshop. I picked Thomas Jefferson since I didn't really know the other people that were there, and I put the quote and turned it in, I was the first on to finish the project! This is my Calder piece, this project was for the concept "line", and this project was born out of frustration. When I first made this It originally had a wolf head on it, but I was told to change it because it didn't have the right style to it, so after plenty of thinking and failing, I "winged" it, and it came out very well. I made this project in Adobe Illustrator.
  a picture of a bowl of cereal and a box of cereal with a can of soda on the side
This is my still life project, when we were assigned the project, we were supposed to make a sketch on paper and get it aproved by the teacher before we went on AdoIllustator to actually make the project, we were told to go for a 3D type of illusion to make things look real, I mean, it is a still life. It was kind of hard to make, and learning how to make the gradients in an object took time to get it right, Doing the cereal in the bowl was also quite hard to do, because we had to do what's called a clipping mask, and make it look like the cereal was actually in the bowl. and making the actual box took time too, having to make the text took time, but I like how it all came out. The concept i did this project for was shape.

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This is my nursery rhyme animation that I made in Adobe Flash/Animate. I had more tweening then actual animation, but im proud of how it turned out. I chose the nursery rhyme "fuzzy wuzzy", and at first when I started I was very unorganized with everything, but then I fixed everything and things got better from there. I drew most drawings in Illustrator, then put it into Animate, and I went from there! (Refresh the page to watch again)  
the cover page of a comic that I made the inside of the comic I created
  the back page of the comic I made  
  This is a comic that I made in adobe In-Design, it was my first time using the program but it was a good experience! I had a lot of fun making it, and I put my friend Marilyn in it, and in the story we struggle on how to do a math problem but come to find out that we got the wrong paper! I drew the pictures in Adobe Illustrator, the comic was for the concept "layout".  
a picture I made using different parts of a shoe    
This is a shoe project that I made in Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. When we started making this project we had to bring in a shoe and scan it on a printer that Mrs.Varner named "Ben". After we scanned the shoe we put it in photoshop then edited everything, then put it all together in Illustrator, I really like Five Nights at Freddy's, so I decided to make the character Foxy the Pirate, and I really like how the project came out.