blue and white heading
a primary colored art piec full of linrd swirls and organic shapes, inculding circles The unit is line, shape, form. For this project, I vectored some lines then drew some triangles, and then vectored a swirl and then made a curved line. I made the perfect balance between the shapes by using primary colors. This was based off of the art by Calder.
flowers and butterflies made of photoshopped colored shoe soles
a still life of fruit For this project, I scanned and printed out my show sole. I cropped it and using the cropped shapes I made a piece of art. In this piece, the blue compliments the purple. I made flowers, stems, dirt, and butterflies.
The unit is shape form. I made a 3D bowl by drawing around an axis and then using a clipping mask to make the fruit look like they were in a bowl. I used many gradients, and shadows. The light is coming from right middle of the picture. I made the plates the same way I made the bowl.
The unit is typography. I made my initials into something interesting by giving them a fill and using the tools from Adobe Illustrator. I changed the fonts, added gradients, and swirled the edges. I searched for a quote from a famous person then used it along with what I learned about typography, and type on a path, and made it into shapes.  type of initials
a drawing of two closely related colors (purple and pink)

I am in digital art elective 1. I made the art on this page by using the tools from the programs found in the Adobe Suite. These tools were Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, In design, Flash, and Art rage. The units were, line, shape, form, color, typography, space, animation, and layout/balance. In Illustrator, I learned about how use shapes to build art. In Photoshop, I learned how to color, and saturate, cropped images. In design, I learned how to balance a page so it doesn't lean or fall over visually. The appearance of a page is called its layout.

a picture of a person
      This is my drawing. I made this piece of art work using a program called Art rage. I used two closely related colors pink and purple to make this portrait of this famous person. That's right, this is Leonardo da Vince. It is incomplete because I never was able to finish. For this art work, our class worked on the unit color.