Multi Colored Heading
Multi colored lines and shapes    

This was the first project we did, this style of art work was inspired by Calder. He's known for this kind of art, off of one painting he can get up to $10,000! At first I hated it because we used live paint which was confusing and frustarating. But now live paint is alot easier to use and i've used it in almost all of my art work. It looks like a 3 year old did it but it was my first attempt at digital arr and i'm proud of it!

This was our Mono Chrome project, I didn't particularly like this project. I joined digital art because it was digital and I was a bad drawler. You can obviouslys tell that by just looking at the portriat, it's suppose to be a portriat of Napoleon Bonaparte. We were working in art rage and this was the first time we did. So you could assume alot of people got frustarated on this project. Portriat of Napoleon Bonaparte
Black and white illusion  
This was our Space project, it is suppose to be a optical illusion showing one point perspective. It wasnt't very hard to make I used illustartor. I used some of the skills in this that I learned in other projects on this one. It has some messed up parts but there not very noticable. I liked doing this project but while doinig it i had to look away from the screen alot because my eyes would hurt from looking at the screen to long.
    Multi colored shapes and designs from a shoe
Out of the whole year this was my favorite project, we used the design on the bottom of our shoes to make abstract art. We used our shoes and put them on the copier then opened it on photoshop. Once on photoshop we cut out the designs, colored them, then organized it all on illustrator. I used my freind Andre and Logans shoes for the deigns. This was my best piece of art and my favorite piece of art.
Vase with flowers and a bowl of fruit and a candle This was our still life project, it was made in illustrator and I got the 3-D look from using extrude and bevel. This piece was hanged in the art hall for the whole year and is still hanging up. I named it a bowl o, fruit and I made every thing exept for the candle. Ms.Varner came to me and showed me how to make it and made it, however when I tried it didn't turn out like hers. So I went back to it before she deleted it using ctrl+Z, and used the one she maid. (sorry Ms.Varner if you're reading this)
  A picture of myself  
My artist statment is to when you create art don't worry about the grade or what other people think just go free flowing. Art is how you express yourself, so when you make art make sure it resembles you. My art was inspired by the life I live and my past experiences. What I learned this year was that art can tell a thousand words in just one glance. My favorite piece of art was our Shoes project, it resembles my self and my abstract personality.