A heading at the top of the page depicting a bright blue galaxy with the words centered saying, "My Gallery".
A piece of art depicting a fancy dinner setting; the name of this art is "Serene Supper"   A collage of edited photos of shoes arranged in a floral neon fashion. Called "Hawaiin Floral".
This was my second Adobe Illustrator project we did in class. We were learning about shape and form and the difference between them. This is one of my most favorite projects because I loved the freedom I could make out of the project. The project required me to learn how to make 3D objects in Illustrator. I was inspired by previous artists here at DSA. The crystal ball itself was inspired by a lavish scene in a movie. I hope this still life will relax the viewers into a formal setting. This was my second most favorite project during my digital art class because of the freedom of how I could manipulate the digital shoes. I was learning how to integrate multiple Adobe programs to create one project. I was influenced by actual flowers and my father's dream to one day travel to Hawaii. The above illustration required me to use Adobe Photoshop to edit the shoes; I used Adobe Illustrator to arrange them. The image was designed to be easy and interesting to the audience's eyes.
This depicts an optical illusion in black and white.

This optical illusion was pretty much a headache inducing project due to its design. We learned how to use space wisely and types of perspective; these Principles of Design can make art more interesting. This was also made in Illustrator like most of my other projects. Although I must say, this project was actually on of my least favorite art projects. This was due to the number of restrictions placed on us, like the color requirements. I was inspired by previous artworks done by other students and my visit to the Ripley's Believe It or Not! Museum. Therefore, I really hope the viewers will experience "Vertigo", the name of this art.


I made this comic strip called "Cheeky" when we were learning how to use multi-page layout and design. I used Indesign to arrange my panels I made in Illustrator. This was my most favorite art project because I had the chance to express my imagination the most; I always dreamed of being of being a cartoonist one day. I was influenced by famous, discontinued newspaper comics, like "Peanuts" and "Calvin and Hobbes". The usage of breaking the fourth wall and its humor was inspired by Marvel's hit "Deadpool". The main character, Reuben Felix, has a personality akin to a combination of Han Solo, Bilbo Baggins, and a hint of the tiger Hobbes. The strip is sure to give lots of laughs to its readers.

This depicts part of a comic strip depicting the breaking of the fourth fall in the strip "Cheeky".
A picture depicting a historical violinist in a monochrome purple .

I made this monochrome digital painting depicting Ole Bull Bornemann in the raster program Art Rage. I learned about the element of color and its impact on art. This art project was my most despised art project. The depiction had to be replicated without any vector shortcuts, but by mouse and pointer. The painting is set entirely in the hue of purple. My inspiration for this was Ole Bull Bornemann of course, since we are both musicians. The audience should think that the painting should be accurately close to his appearance before he passed away.


Hello! My name is Ashley Koltz. I'm an 8th grader at DSA as a Digital Arts Major 1. I learned what the Adobe suite even is and its huge potential for art. I loved my short time at DSA. I also do PE, Algebra 2, and Piano here as well. I am inspired by famous comic artists and my visits to historical places for my artwork. I wish you guys will enjoy my beautiful artwork that's all on one page. Special thanks for Mrs. Varner and my family.

A picture of me (Ashley Koltz) from my 8th grade year.