Multi color banner saying My art gallery
A picture of a curly haired girl A wolf and a girl standing next to eachother
  My name is Marilyn Jimenez and I am taking digital art as a elective this year. Of course I should have learned one new thing this year and what i learned was how to make a flash animation.I've always wanted to learn how an i got the oporrtunity to learn hin the next how!( As you will see in the next photo/video).The one piece that i made and i loved is my still life. I loved the way it came out and how much my vision came to life through a computer.The people that help me continue my art and not quiting and giving up are my family and an artist that inspires me is someone on instagram called ceejurs and their art makes me think that i can improve and do better.I want people to feel like they can learn and feel at least something when you look at my art.I do traditional and digital and I LOVE TO DRAW.All the art in my banner i drew so uh yes i love to draw.Anyway i hope you enjoy my art gallery!  

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This is my favorite piece (as i said before). But this was our assigment and we had to make a animation out of a nursery rhyme. I chose Peter Peter Pumkin Eater.I made it in Adobe Flash Professional CS5.I love how i drew the drawings so yeah! Hope you like it too!( The concept of this unit is animation)

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A flower made out of shoes A reindeer and a wolf sitting next to eachother
This is my shoe art and its all made out of my scanned shoe bottom and i really like how it came out. It was made in Adobe Illustrator CS5 and i used multiple layers to achieve the look.I also used Adobe Photoshop CS5, the concept of this unit is intergration. The project was a mix off scanning, photoshop and illustrator. This is my entry for the christmas card contest at DSA.I used Adobe Illustrator for this and used gradients for some of the coloring. Now this is when i had my old style but i didnt win, sad i know. But i kinda like how the outcome is of this mini project.
  A 3D image of a compter on a desk  
  This was out perpective project and i made a computer! It was pretty hard to make the perpective look but i tried my best to do so. The concept of the unit is shape i made this in abobe illustrator CS5. The one thing that i want ti change about it is that i wanted everything to look more...realistic you can say. Some things (like the keyboard) aren't really matching up with the computer. But at least i got it done and i looks great in my opinion!  
  A monochrome picture of text This is only one of my monograms which is our typography unit. I had 5 monograms but this one was my favorite. We made monograms for out family members as a christmas present, this one was for my sister. I like how it came out because of the shadow behind it and it gave a like a 3D look. The text was type on a path and i used a rounded sqaure. The backround is a radial gradient. I also used Adobe Illustrator CS5.
A drawing of a African American girk A wolf licking blood of her paw
This is a picture i drew at home and i personally love it. I made it in IBIS paint X and i love her expression in the picture and i've made "black" people but i love this one the most. A few flaws in this drawing is that her left hand from your or our perspective is wonky. Also her left "eyeliner" isn't matched up with the right "eyeliner",some spots in the coloring are left white which i don't like. But hey! I think the finshed product came out great!
This is an art contest entry on instagram, i made this in Paint Tool SAI. I like how the wolf came out because of her postion but the paws are wonky (again). Also the blood patches are all over the place so you can't really see the fur details. Another thing i don't like is how the hind legs are more upward then they are laying down on the "floor". But again overall i think it came out great!
  A blue wolf putting its shoulder upward.  
  So i got really bored at home so i made this wolf being sassy, like me. Her name means clover by the way, i made this in a program called paint (not ms paint ok?) I like her postion which is the first time i did this postion. The one thing i don't like is how BIG her tail is, also she looks like she hasn't eaten anything in months. But overall I like the drawing.