multi-colored heading
Standered picture of a girl with a blue background I am a current 6th grade student. I major in Chorus and take electives in Orchestra and Digital Art. This year I learned many new things, many of them being in this Digital Art. In this class I learned how to navigate around different aspects of a computer. For instance, how to make folders and different files for different projects. My favorite projects this year included my calder and space projects. My calder project was my first project and holds a special place in my heart. My space project showed how art can influense people's minds. My grandfathers inspire me because they are both hard working and loving people and I learn from them all the time. I hope veiwers will see a sense of inspiration when they look at my art work.
multi-colored shapes and lines  

This is my Calder styled project, titled "Whimsical Joy". we were studying Line and I used Adobe Illustrator. This was my first project in digital art. This project is important to me because it introduced me to the wonderful world of art.

multi-colored flowers, coffee mug and vase sitting on brown desk table
This is my Still Life project. We were studying Line, Shape and Form, and I created the peice using Adobe Illustaror. In the picture you can see a typical table setting. In this setting, there is two candles, a steaming cup of coffee and a vase with multi-colored flowers. This project introduced me to multiple effects I could use to make my art more elaborate.
multi-colored face and words  
This is my monochrome project, featuring Louisa May Alcott.This was my project in the color unit. I used Art Rage to create this project. In this picture I used the same color with different hues. This project taught me how to use different color schemes.  
black and white shapes and lines  
This is my space project. We were studying space and I created this peice using Adobe Illusrator. In this picture the use of black and white create a certain illusion once you stare at it. This peice taught me to work hard, because I often had to start over and create new peices until I got the right one.  
white snowflake on black background  
This is one of my practice excersises. In my class practice excersises were things we did to study an upcoming unit or to pass time. I created this piece in Adobe Illustrator. I originally created this piece to submit into my schools Christmas Card contest. This project taught me how to read instructions carefully.  

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This is my Flash project. I made this piece using Adobe Flash. The motion picture shows a family-friendly animation with a nursery rhyme. This piece taught me to plan carefully, because while using Flash you have to time everything with the music.