a heading covered in flowers
    a goblet, a bowl with apples and a lit candle

This is my Still Life project, we were learning Shape and Form.This was made in illustrator. The scene is meant to depict a bowl of apples and eggs next to a goblet of blackberry juice. I used gradients and the 3D tool to achieve a 3D picture. This is actually my favorite piece, and it was really fun to learn. I wish we did another project like this one.


I personally think the bowl looks overcrowded, and the flame should be smaller.


optical illusion in black and white    

This is my Space Project. This one was really easy! It's supposed to be an optical illusion but I did a bad job at that part. I used a variety of shapes and lines to create it, then colored in only diagonally touching squares. I think it looks cool, even though it's not exactly an optical illusion. It took me several tries to get it to look how I wanted it to look, but that's just because I'm really stubbourn and picky. I made it in illustrator.


I think it would've been really rad if it was an actual optical illusion. At least I didn't get dizzy making this! I have a lot of ideas for how I could've improved this, but I'm okay with how it looks right now.


I like to call it "A Shape Gathering" because of all the hidden shapes.



    two girls sitting at a table and laughing

This was my Program Integration Project! It's my second favorite piece, and I put a lot of effort into it. It's supposed to be two girls sitting and gossiping together, the ball on the table is supposed to be a plate.


To make it, I scanned the bottom of my shoe, and cut out pieces of the scan in photoshop. Then, I'd change the color, and save it. I'd open it in illustrator and arrange the pieces into a photo. It was a fun and easy project.


I call this piece "Girls' Day Out!", it's hung up on the wall, here at school!

Initials with type effects and quotes    

This was my Type project, I made it in illustrator. We learned about type effects and all the cool things we could do with them. In this project, we made art out of initials. I used my initials twice, my mother's initials, and my father's initials.


We used quotes or catch phrases along with these initials. I chose "The phrase "working mother" is redundant." from Jane Sellman for my mother, because she's always working hard, at work and at home. "Never do today, what you can do tommorow." from Aaron Burr because I completely agree with that statement. "When life gives you lemons, throw the lemons back at life, demand to see life's manager, and fight life(Using lemons)." was a funny thing my dad used to say a lot, when I was feeling sad.


    A blue, red and yellow doll attached to strings

This was my Calder project, I made it in illustrator. The picture is meant to be a doll trapped in strings. We weren't allowed to use any colors other than red, yellow, blue, and black. It was really easy, but I wouldn't say it was my favorite. I don't really like how this looks, considering it looks like a deformed potato.


Some of the strings aren't properly connected to the doll and the face looks odd, I have a lot of things I could've done better for this project.


I call it "Strings of Fate", cool name, right?

A picture of me! :D



Hi, I'm the artist, Rhyanna Goodrich! I'm 13 years old and in 7th grade. I'm actually a drama major. I live with my mom, and grandparents, along with our three dogs. I've been at DSA for three years, I started going here in 5th grade.

I wanna thank my mom, and some dear friends of mine. They've given me so much inspiration, I wouldn't be passing this class if it weren't for them.

I wanna thank my dogs too, even if they haven't really done much, because they're precious. Thanks for being perfect, Chloe, Eris and Hennesay!

This year was probably the best year here, for me. I loved this class and all the projects we got to do here. I've become seriously interested in digital art, and I'm sad that the year is ending.

I hope you enjoyed my gallery, and seeing my best projects!