colorful heading
    a pattern using the bottom of my shoe
    This was made by using the bottom of my shoe. My sisters are the ones who inspired me.  
  This peice was made because we were doing a projsct and i deciced to make an optical illusion but for me it did not turn out so well as i thought it would. :) black and white shapes crossing each other
a colorful superhero named vector man
This is a painting of a superhero named vector man. It is also one of the practice exercises that we do in class.  
  This is a painting of my initials K.M.G. I was inspired to do this by my art teacher Mrs.Varner who is retiring. the letters KMG reflecting on a yellow circle
  This is a painting about someone who is going to eat and he set up the table with fruit, a globe, a rose, a candle and soup. What inspired me to make this was my mom because she always cares for me does her best to protect. a bowl with fruit next to a candle and flower with a globe on top of a table
an igloo in snow and snowflakes falling    
This peice was made by using lines and shapes. What inspired me to do this was because of the way I feel when it is winter time.