My art gallery heading
absract art made with primary colors As we were making this project we were studying line. We were also learning about the artist Alexander Calder. My art was chosen to be the cover art for the art show in 2017 and I thought it was cool. The name of this art is Seashore and I named it that because of the shell in the picture.
My class was studying shape and form. This project was a still life and a still life is when you draw objects into a painting. The name of this poject is called Dinner time.The stuff in the bowl is supposed to be soup and there is also a book that the person is reading. The backround was made by using the gradient. still life arrangement on table

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For this project was when we were studying animation. As you can see it is "Humpty Dumpty". The way that I made everything move was by having many layers then moving each person. For me this was a little easy because I did not need to animate it all in one layer. The way I drew everything is by drawing it all in Adobe Illustrator then bringing it over.
a pattern using the bottom of a shoe

The concept we were studied was program intergration. The steps I did in this project was first I had to get a Shoe then scan it. Then I had to go in photoshop and cut the shoe. Then I had to bring it to Illustrator and made this. The name of this project is Spy Winks. The picture is symetrical bacause it is the same on each side.

    a painting of Thomas Edison
The concept my class was learning was color. This a picture of Thomas of Edison and it was made in artrage. The way i made it was by making shapes from the body then I put it together. This type of art is called monochromatic and it is when you nuse one color. The reasone I chose Thomas Edison was because we needed to choose a famous history figure.
A picture of me    
Hi my name is Jacob and I am in sixth grade and I like art. I am curantly a level one in digital art. I have liked art scince I was in kindergarden. I am 12 years old and and I have a brother and a sister. I hpe you enjoyed all of the art.