A black and green heading that reads " My Art Gallery"
A Calder project including various colors and shapes    
This was my first project in this class and to be honest my first project using Adobe Illustraitor and I needed help on a few things because I was new to the school.    
    This was at most one of my overall favorite projects but at the same time it hurt to look at.
    A checker-board pattern optical illusion that looks like you are infinitly falling
This was my first project that I got on the wall at DSA and it made me feel proud of my self.
A still life project that has a bowl with trhee different types of apples, a coffee cup and a creamer This is one of my free-draw projects that represents my gamer name Spidey kid.
A free-draw logo with gradience, crossing lines and a S to represent my gaming name which is Spidey kid
In this we had to use our shoes to do and it was our first photoshop project.
A green monochrome project thats Thomas Edison
An Adobe Photoshop project that has bit and pieces from my shoe to try and make art
Left: This was our first artrage project and we were learning about a certain type of colorblind people called monochrome meaning you can only see on color.

When the art that you are making starts to fall apart work around it. Let it flow, let it be free. Take the Sphinx for example, when the nose of it fell off did the sculptors give up? No, they worked around it not letting it get in their way. Don't let the things that fall apart bother you work with it.

I learned how to work in all of the Adobe Suites and ArtRage.

My favorite projects that I worked on this year were the Still life and the Space projects. Why? The Still life was my first project ever and the space project just looks cool. My mom influences me to continue my work and towards the goal that I have to be a graphic designer. I hope the veiwer will see inspiration from my work.

A picture of a 12 year old boy with brown combed hair and a black polo shirt at school  

Note for Mrs.Varner,

Thank you for teaching me how to succeed while workin g in all the Adobe Suites and I hope you have a fun retirement.

I will miss you -Andrew