my art gallery

My name is Leonardo De Dios. I have one brother and one sister and I live with my mom and my stepfather. I love graphics art because it let me express who I am. And i have the best teacher to teach all of this.  

A portrait

This one of my artwork. All the words you see on or around my face express who I am. It was really hard to make but I did not give up and I took different piece on my face and cut it and 3 pieces to make cool and make it pop out.


    This artwork is blend I use different colors and bend them together. I wanted to bend flower and the raindrop because I like rain it make me feel like happy for some reason. But some people think that it a sad day.   

blend of flower
A poster to vote

This artwork is to make others to vote. As you can see but the note say its say "BE A SOMEBODY DO NOT BE A NOBODY" so that mean that to vote to be someone. I had fun doing this.

 This artwork is the coolest    thing I ever to make. It was hard and a long time to make it. I use different color and put them like a circle and copy it.


  This artwork is called sumi as you can see the words in the middle is words that is express life.This one was my most favorite one.