Multi-colored with jagged edges ans cirsles that says My Art
a picure of a blonde haired kid

Hi, my name is Logan Deck and welcome to my art portfolio. One new thing I leanred this year was how to use many different mediums in order create art. My favorite projects are Calder, Space, Monogram, Still Life and Typography. My ispiration has to come from Vincent van Gogh's "Starry Night". I hope from my work you will feel the need to want to make art in your own way. I hope you see that with hard work, you can make art yourself.

A multi colored spike piece of 2d art A black and whits checkered patterned shape with mor shapes in it
This is one of my favorite pieces from our line unit. I used the Adobe Illustrator program to make my piece. I only used primary colors to make this piece. I wanted it to look like stained broken glass. I also wanted it to have a three dimensional look to it. This work is from our space unit. I used Adobe Illustrator for this and I used 4 perspective pionts. The black and white checkered concept is used to create a wierd visual illusion.
A portait of Nikoli Tesla in one color Pieces of shoe put togehter to make a mulyi colored pattern
This one of my personal favorites, we were studing coclor. Which means different shades of one color. I used the program Art Rage. This piece was difficult, because I had to copy a picture with no giudelines, just the color. This piece is from the integration unit. I used the scanner to scan the bottom of my shoe, next I took my shoe and cropped out out those three pieces and colored them in Adobe Photoshop. Then I went into Adobe Illustrator, rotated the pieces and placed them the way I wanted.
Three dimensional bowl of soup, candle, glass, and salt shaker Initials in a circle with a phrase around the circle
This is also one of my favorite projects, the unit we did here was shape and form. For this project I only used Adobe Illustartor and extrude and bevel, which is the three dimensional effect. This project was really fun because the sky was the limit. It really didn't even take the full time we had to make this. This work was my absolute favorite. This unit was called typeography and our goal was to make art out of letters and words. I used Adobe Illustrator for this and I used my family's initials. This project was just very fun and simple.