a slighty tan white guy with blonde hair  
This year in this class i learned many things about digital art.Like how to use a scanner, use adobe illustrator,adobe photoshop,adobe indesighn ,adobe flash,and adobe dream weaver.I personly liked adobe illustrator and photoshop the most .Also I met some new freinds and I like that it's on the computer cause i am a horrible drawer.
      red alternating to blue with enetials A S C
This projest was type we had to put our enitials and a quote around the edge. I learned how to use filters and gradients well.The red and blue one is for my dad and the reason i chose that quote is cause my dad is verey big but can be nice. I choose the red and blue cause he works for the orlando police force.
red fading to blue wth the enitials of asc
  lines with red yellow and blue swirls  
  In this project we had to use lines and the primary colors( blue,red,yellow,).we learned how to use lines properly and calder influenced
    lines with black and hite boxes
This project was on the unit called space.This projext was probaly the most fun because they were easy to make and they were optical illusians.Also I like the black and white checkard pattern.And we learned how to fill in spaces easier
summer day with watermelon and lemonade on a table    
This projest was called stilllife.We learned how to make 3D objects by using shape and form. In this picture it shows a summer day with watermelon and a glass of lemonade on a table.
  theres a checkard pattern with a blue under armour logo and red stripes that look like a rib cage with a black background  
  This project was on intergration.We took our shoe,scanned it then we croped it ,and then we created patterns with the shoe parts. We learned how to scan itemsand we used our croping skills
    guy made out of circles dabing
  This FREEDRAW was inspired by hector dabing.Just kiding and I made it first zak.