A multicolor heading that spells out my art gallery and has a hairy looking outline.
A multicolor picture with lines and circles.    
This is a Calder project with red yellow and blue as the main colors. I used a broken mirror affect on some parts of the long swirly lines. The lines that have the broken mirror affect are supposed to symbolize a tree. A black and white illusion, or space.
    I made this which is supposed to have a somewhat illusion to it but it is called space. The "top part" of the picture doesnt really look like it goes with the illusion affect but i thought i'd make it look a bit difforent.
A multicolor penguin mixed bunny made out of cropped picture of a shoe.
The letters w, l, and m in light and dark blue.  
I made this on Illustrator, its 3 letters looped together, these letters are my sisters initials. There is a shadow drop under the letters making them look 3D. This is called typography.
This is a shoe project that is supposed to look like a penguin bunny with a brown mustache. you can see the texture of the shoe although there isnt really any shoe design in it.
  A pumpkin with a dark blue sky and green grass.  
This was an alternative project i had to do since i was gone for a couple of weeks. Its a pumpkin with a baby face. I used a bit of brown fading on the sides to make it look kinda 3D. The reason why the baby is yellow is so that the pumpkin looks lit.

A picture of me on a blue background


In my Digital Arts class I learned how to use a variety of art programs such as: Illistrator, Flash, Photoshop, and In Design. One of my favorite art projects was the shoe project, i liked it the most because i got to learn how to scan my and because i also got to use photoshop and chose what i wanted to make my shoe out of. Who inspires me is Nicki Minaj because she always has bright colors on (wears bright colors), also my dog because hes always at my front door when i get home with a big smile. I hope the viewer will feel weirdness because thats what alot of my digital art projects look like. THE END.