My art gallery heading with a stained glass texture and multiple bright colors
A photo of the artist My name is Matthew and I am a 6th grade graphic artist. I was inspired by my parents as they said I could do whatever I wanted so I found Graphic Arts. It lets me have unlimited freedom and also lets me express different feelings like warmness and even confusion which is something I hope my viewers will see and appreciate. In Graphic Arts I was able to learn how to use the different programs to my advantage which is a big help since I didn't know that the Adobe programs worked together. One of my favorite projects was the "Thomas Edison" peice because I feel like he was an inspiring inventor and I feel like it is a good looking peice in terms of art. Anyway I hope you will enjoy "My Art Gallery."
    Multiple ploygons gradually getting smaller with black and white colors

The name of this peice is called "Wormhole" and when I created this we were learning about "space" and it was created by using hexagons and other polygons in a black and white checker board pattern. The program used was "Adobe Illustrator CS5."

  Thomas Edison portrait using different shades of orange  
  One of my favorite peices I have made has to go to "Thomas Edison". I created it when we were learning "Monochrome" and came out to be one of my best peices. The program used was "ArtRage."
A red round table that has cups of sparkling grape juice and candles    
This peice is called "Midnight Dinning" and when I was making this we were learning about "Shape and Form." This was one of my first peices that I made and I am very proud of how it came out. During the making of this peice i also learned gradients, shading and much more. I made this using "Adobe Illustrator CS5."
    Crystalized shapes of reds and blues with a black backround and cyan hexagons covering the backround
This peice is called "Electro-Magnetic" and this was made when I was learning about "Program Integration." This one is unique becuase it was made out of a shoe and the pattern on the shapes on the side was an error from the color chosen. I used "Adobe Photoshop CS5 and Adobe Illustrator CS5."
  A dark, shadowy house in a winter storm  
  This is my christmas card and in my personal opinion I think it is ok for a card. I made this around the time I was learning "Typography" and as you may notice the letters look like smoke coming out of the chimney.