My Gallery with Pink, Purple, and Blue colors
A profile picture   My name is Arianna Cordero and this is my first year of being a Graphic Arts Major. One thing I learned in Mrs.Varners class is how to use all the different programs to make art. Even though some of the programs were really hard for me I had a really fun time making my projects. My favorite projects were the illusion, the initilas project, and the Still Life. The reason why I like these projects is because they all look so realistic to me. What inspired me to make these types of art work was Mrs. Varner, she tought me everything I needed to know about being the BEST Graphic Arts student I could ever be. She went step by step on how to make our projects and if we didn't now how to do something she would take her time to go over it with us. Thank you Mrs.Varner for teaching me everthing I needed to know before you retire. We love you!!!
Absract Art with primary colors This was my first project I have done as a 6th grade Graphic Arts major. The consipt of this project was about lines and shape. And one thing I learned was how to use all the different tools and discoverd a new artist named Calder. This was interesting to make because the same colors couldn't touch each other and the circles I made were not as perfect as I wanted so I just made them unsymetrical and a little bit wonky. My favortive part of this project was putting the colors in the shapes, this was my favortie because it made the painting come together. What inspired me to make this piece was Calder because he used the primary colors and this werid type of style.
This was one of my top favorite projects I have ever done because it was so mind blowing to me. One of the things I learned from making this project was when the lines go to the middle they are called ariel. My favortie part of this project was making the pentagon and the insides of it to make the illusion come to life. What inspired me to make this piece was by thinking of waky illusions and making them into my own. Black and White Illusions
A table with a mug, some flowers, and a candle This is another one of my favorite project because it looks so realistic to me and I really liked how it came out. One of the things that I learned from making this project was how to make a gradient which helps you to make the background and I also learned how to use the revolve tool to make the vase, the candle, the mug, and the handle for the mug. One of my favortie things about this project was how the Flowers catch your eyes because it was so beautiful. What inspired me to make this piece was imaginating an artist table and mimicing what I would think an artist table would look like in my eyes. By the way..... the name of this piece is called The artist table.
This project was really hard for me because I didnt really know what to make out of theses pieces shoes because its not an everyday thing you think of doing. Any way, one of the things I learned was how to use Photoshop and its tools, and trust me its not easy at first but then it gets a little easier and then all of the sudden it gets harder. One of my favorite things I like about this project is that it lookes like the x is a big spaceship and the little triangles are going to attack the poor spaceship. Another thing I like about this piece is that the color makes all the other colors look super cool. What inspired me to make this piece was thinking of a random pattern and after I made it, it looked like there are two space ships battling each other. Pieces of shoes put together
Initilas croped together to make art

This was another one of my favorite art works because what we had to do was make art work out of intials. One of the things I learned was how to use the type tool and how to put pictures in letters. What I really liked was making the background and the color in the letters. What inspired me to make this piece was when I made my moms, my dads, my grandparents, and myself I thought of one thing that would really represent them like for my mom I put a phrase that talks about mothers and so fourth. This was also made into coasters.

The top right- This is one that I made for myself and it has my intials on it and the words around my initilas says, " Take more chances, Dance more dances".

The top left- This is one that I made for my mom and it also has her initilas and the words around her initals says, " Of all the rights of a women, the greatest is being a mother ".

The bottom right- This is one that I made for my dad and it has he's initials that are similar to mine but without the M, and the words around he's initilas says, " I may find a prince some day, but you will always be my king ".

The bottom left- This is for my grandparents that both past way, the M is for my grandmas name and the K is for my grandpas name. This is my favortie saying out of all of them because it really means alot to me and it says "Grandparents fill the world with love".