A heading that says My Art Gallery. It has a green tiley backround and white shapes.
A student with an orangutang, baloons, watermelon, and a sign that says work. Hi! My name is Zoe. In this Digital Art class, I had lots of fun creating images on art programs such as Illustrator, Photoshop, Art Rage, Flash, and InDesign. One new thing I learned is how to do work on Photoshop. Maybe one day I can help someone edit photos. The space project was my favorite project because it was fun to create multiple versions. The people who inspire my art are my mom and my friend Carlie because they both are very crazy. I hope that from looking at my art, you will feel that you can be as crazy as you want to be.




    a multicolor picture with four boxes filled with quotes from famous people.
black and white illusion

This first project has monograms with my family members' initials. The top left corner is mine, the top right corner is my cousin's, the bottom left corner is my mom's, and the bottom right corner is my dad's. The concept we studied was type. For this project we used the program Illustrator. I added gradients, pictures in the text, and famous quotes


This next project is my favorite project. I named it "Shattered Glass" with the help of my friend. The concept we studied was space. We attempted to make illusions. The spaces with black are negative and the spaces with white are positive. It took me 5 trys to create the best looking one in my opinion. For this project,we also used Illustrator.  

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A muticolor picture with lines, circles, and swirls  


This project was very tedious with the constant moving and making sure that all of the objects were on time with the music. For this project, we used both Illustrator and InDesign while studying animation. We would make our characters, objects, backrounds, etc. in Illustrator and brought them over to InDesign to bring them to life. This animation is to the nursery rhyme Rub a Dub Dub.







This Calder inspired project was the first project that we made. We could only use three colors: blue, red, and yellow. I used many shapes and lines to create an interesting piece. We used the program Illustrator while studying line.


      a multicolor picture that has Merry Christmas on it with a Christmas tree, presents, and a door leading to snow outside
    This last picture is a Christmas card that was for a competiton. I made a Christmas tree with presents underneath it. I also had a door leading to the outside with snow. I put ornaments on the tree and made the presents have colorful wrapping paper on them. I made this in Illustrator and had lots of fun making it.