the heading for the web page labeled my art gallery
negative and positive space project optical illusion  

This is the space unit project, used in illustater and I made more of these projects of a total of six versions each with a different design. I completed this one in 47 minutes. This project was really fun to do and make them.


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This is a animation project for flash. it is the Jack and Jill nursery rhyme music but with animation synced with the music. This took me around 1-2 weeks to finish. Through out the project time a lot of frustration was happining through making of the animation part (that is timing with the music). But, there are some things missing with the completed piece and that is the crown that is on Jacks head.

This is a cover for four monograms. Each piece is different in the design. The design process is really fun to do but you need to know some stuff like typography, a lot of ilustrater work, gradients, extrude and bevel, type on a path, effects you need to know those things to really make a cool monogram for your friends and family or just yourself.

a coaster project(beverage placer)
a profile for me(andrew tysarczyk)

.While on the other hand I was learning things through watching videos before we do them in that program. Plus, doing a lot of free draws (which is you just drawing what ever you like in a program or messing around in photoshop:).

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How did my ART career start. Well it started in 6th grade(thats the one that I am writing this in) and so I started doing the art "career" in digital design(in a elective class) and through the school year I was learning a lot of new stuff like new programs, editing things, and learning new vocabulary in the digital world. Some cool new things I learned were making some cool animations, making cool designs that take me a while to make fully, making a weird story/comic book in InDesign, doing program intergration with Illustrator/photoshop =>=>=>=>=>=>=>



That is a flash animation with eight balls bouncing together in different directions. plus towards the end of the short animation all the balls go crazy and then they return to normal and start all over again.

This has no music only the Jack and Jill flash animation project has sound.

a still life project the setting is at a desk with supplies with a vase with flowers and a cup of coffe a monochrome picture of abe lincoln in the shades of only blue

A project that is a still life picture all made in ilustrater and the planning phase was a pain to do since you had to fill up the entire page with some space that is blank (that does not have anything that can be a object not a wall though :).

That picture is of course a monochrome of abraham lincoln in the hue setting of blue hand drawn by me and helped a lot by mrs.Varner who is our teacher for this school year (2016-17) and she helped me on the details that are needed in this project in order to get a good grade on it like doing the eyes, beard, the details on the ears, and blending of the overall colors.

The quote says

"Do not worry; eat three square meals a day; say your prayers; be courteous to your creditors; keep your digestion good; exercise; go slow and easy."

--abraham lincoln