Yearbook of brian

I am Brian Traylor a second level graphic art major in the 8th grade. I used adobe illustrator photoshop indesign and dreamweaver to create this web page.and i wanted to share my graphic art designs and explain what i did on that project and the concept of it all. This is my Art Gallery.

This is my mandala what i named this peice of art is call the orb of light, Because it looks like their is light sneaking up on my mandala in the dark.
Campaign poster In this project we were to convince are teacher to vote, i put vote and be a somebody and if u dont vote your just standing alone and by voting your sharing your opinion. Blend portrait In this project we had to take single lines and turn it into a portrait peice of work. This project was called blend.


portrait of me In this project we had to tear words out a magizine that represent you and make a project of words the make you fell you.    
  sumi art symbols  
  In this porject we had to use Chinese symbols that relate to me we had a wide range variety of choices and i chose star and bright. I hope one day i am a star. The name of this project is sumi art.