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The project on the top right is my blend project. Honestly don't like project. In my opinion. I don't like the competition. The project on the top right is my mandala project. This is probably my best project ever.I love the black and red to make it look cool.And if i could, I'd put it on a personal frame. The project thats on the left of this text is my type project. I did kind of good on this project to me. I got a good grade on this and this could be, to me, a real poster to stand up for people who don't vote.

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The project on the top left from this type is my fortune cookie project. How this works? Well the teacher gives you a fortune cookie and you get a fortune. So what ever is says on your fortune, express it as a digital design. Mine was "Good things will happen in due course of time." So thats how I made this project.

The other project is a practice. She told us to downoad a file and use specific objects and used them for this project that I made.

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    This is my animation project. I was supposed to come up with a idiom and animate it like if it was real ( Mostly like a kindergarden anmation). Its a great project. Best animation I have ever done.

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I'm a majors 2, or level 2 in digital art. I dont really like the outdoors that much. I favorite food is pizza. My dream is to be a game creator and be a master of coding. I love digital art because i get to express myself on a computer and some tools on Adobe Illustrator. I love this class and I love this school.