ArtThis is my art gallery full of color!!!!My name is Ana Rodriguez, Im a Digital Art Major that loves to do art. I have a favorite and amazing art teacher, I love my family with all my heart I have 2 brothers, mom, dad, aunts, uncles, grandpa's, grandma's cousins(A LOT) love them all.One thing I learned from my digital art class was how to use different techniques to make your art piece AMAZING, how to make the letters sharp= pulling nodes, decorated them form the inside, and make letters just POP and look AWESOME!! The projects I like to do this year in my digital art class was the artist painter project I did because it allowed me to inspire myself with what I want to become when I grow up, the ''all about me'' project because I describe myself with the words that make me the girl I am, and last but not least the colorful mandala project because you show your ownselfs creativity by decorating how you like it. The person that inspires me or influences me to do art is my friend Meredith because she is such a good artist that I believe one day in her life she will become a FAMOUS and GOOD artist that everyone is going to buy her great pieces of artwork and my teacher Mrs.Varner because she is my favorite art teacher, a good learning and teaching teacher and her inspiration of art is above my goal thanks to her I love art and get inspire by her. I hope that when they see my artwork I will make a person that doesn't like art to inspire their soul and heart and influence them to start their dreams on being an AMAZING artist later in their futures. My future dream is to become an AWESOME AND CREATIVE artist and inspire a lot of people to start their creativity and follow and complete their dreams and goals!!!!

Artist Painter This is an art project I did in my favorite art class, I decided to name it Artist Painter because when I grow up I want to become a famous artist painter and because I love how I get inspire when it has to do with color and decoration! I did it in Illustrator Adobe and Adobe Photoshop to cut out and crop my pictures. I choose this four pictures because I love to dance especially if it deals with Ballet, I love to be Tumblr and take cute Pictures, I love to paint my life is full of color, and last but not least I love money you can buy whatever you want! I love how it turned out so FANCY and CUTE!! I used pictures, some symbols, shapes and letters to make this AWESOME art project!!  
  I did this art project in my art class too. I called it sumi because it's symbols that express feelings, it expresses faith, love, and happy feelings. I used Adobe Illustrator for creating this CUTE piece of art. I used Brush Strokes for the gray lines in the corners and I also used black ink strokes for the dots going all around the page making it look NICE!! I choose this 3 feeling words because I believe in faith, in order for your dream or goal to come true you need to have a heart full of faith and God will put a smile in your face with the gift you derserve, Love because I love my family, friends, teachers, and coaches in order for a family to be united you need to learn to love them with your heart they are a gift from God to take care of you and love you with all their heart and Happy because Im always happy, I always have a smile on my face on ups and downs living the life I dream of and deserve!! Sumi  
  Portrait I did this art project in my Digital Art Class. I called it the ''All About Me" Portrait. I did this in Photoshop to crop out my photo and Illustrator Adobe for the decorations and effects of the words but I also used a scanner for the words around it too.The concept of this was called ''Program Integration". I put this words around it because they describe me, Summer because it's my favorite season, Happy because i'm always happy with a huge smile on my face, January because I was born on the month of January, Love because I love my family with all my heart, Holiday because I celebrate them all and it's fun. Food because I love food favorite thing to give to my tummy and Travel because I travel everywhere explore the BEAUTIFUL nature around me. I put those roses on the edges because they are my favorite types of flowers full of pretty colors like red and pink... LOVE IT and with a cute picture of me!!  
  I did this Project in my art class to. It's called the Colorful Mandala Project. I did this in Illustrator Adobe Program to decorate it like this and for the repeated pedals around it. I used the pencil tool to create the oval pedals of the mandala and then I used the smooth tool to even out the lines and create a perfect oval shape. I choose to do it with colors like Blue and Baby Blue because blue is my favorite color and using it makes the mandala look full of joy and excitement!! I used star shape symbols and circles to put them around the pedals and make it look interesting, star in the center and around the flower mandala to make it look like its growing and blooming!! I really LOVED how it turned out, so COLORFUL!! Mandala  
  Christmas I did this Merry Christmas card in my art class too. At my school we always have a Christmas Card Contest where whoever designs and creates the BEST looking Christmas card wins a prize, but I love how mine turned out obviously I didnt win but I LOVED it!! I used Illustrator Adobe for this Merry Christmas Card Contest, I used Red and Green colors because those are the colors for Christmas, I used flowers purple and pink to add color to the card and I put ''MERRY CHRISTMAS'' on top of the colorful flowers. I used the ''Draw Inside Letters'' technique to fill in my letters as as shown in the picture. I used words like Love, Joy, and Peace because that describes how I feel when it's Christmas. Love because I love my family its a holiday that you celebrate the birth of baby Jesus with your loved ones. Joy because your celebrating the Birth of Baby Jesus and that creates an excitement of joy in your hearts, and Peace because Christmas is a holiday full of peace with the arriving of Baby Jesus, christmas trees and laughter and fun moments worth spending with your family loved ones!!LOVE my (Christ!)mas card!!