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Hello, I am Mateus Ramos and I'm in 7th grade. I like to make art as it is my Major. Currently, I'm a Level 2 Major in my Digital Art Class. This is my art gallery where I showcase and describe each of my art that I have created using many programs such as Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator. I have specifically chose 5 of my favorite arts that I wanted to be put on my art gallery.

My author's quote!

"Just because something is impossible dosen't mean you can't do it, the word impossible in it says I'm possible, so keep trying."

3 Japanese letters with rain drops and a pink flower Multiple patterns going around a center point.

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This piece of art is called a Mandala. The program I used is

called Adobe Illustrator. I chosen some paint designs onto

my paintbrush. I painted a design and rotated it. Then, I

duplicated those patterns and it created a circle of the same

pattern. Lastly, I repeated these same steps to get this piece

of art. I felt that I've could of done it a lot better.

The concept for this art is patterns and lines.

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This piece of art is called Sumi Art. The program that I used

is called Adobe Illustrator. I created my own paintbrush and

I had a sheet with me with all sorts of Japanese lettering

and created three letterings with my paintbrush. I have drawn

the flower and rain drops and lowered the opacity to a

fading look. The concept is with lines.

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This animation is called Idiom. The idiom is Don't Cry Over

Spilt Milk. The programs I used are Adobe Flash and Adobe

Illustrator. I made my objects and my person in Illustrator. I

would import then into Flash to make the animation.

I would change around my person and make keyframes

in Flash to make a movie clip. Make sure when you want

something to move, turn it into a symbol. The concept is animation.

  A pink cereal box saying "Bacon Bites" with a pig face on it pouring bacon in a bowl of milk.  

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This piece of art is called Cereal Art. The program I used is called Adobe Illustrator. I thought of some ideas that would be a good cereal name and brand. I thought of Bacon Bites.

I made a sketch on paper. Then, I used that sketch to use in Illustrator and worked it out.

There is a lot of extrude and bevel, revolve, symbols and masking in it. The concept is form.

This project was my most favorite to complete.

  A flower pot with flowers and a bowl of fruit on a table with just lines  

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This piece of art is called Blend Art. The program I used is Adobe Illustrator. I had a rectangle and put a gradient on it. In order to

make a blend, you need at least 2 lines seperated. Then, going to object, blend, blend options, and choose specified steps. Put the

number of lines that you want between your 2 ends. Then, press Alt+Ctrl+B and thats how you make a blend.

Using the mandala trick with the blend will make the flowers up above. The concept is lines.