Hi! My name is Valerie Gonzalez (as shown is the photo) and I am in the Grade 7, Level 2, Graphic Arts class. One thing I learned this year is how to make flat objects look three-dimensional using tools like the gradient and stroke tool. One thing I'm proud of was my space/cookie project, which was made in Illustrator and using gradients and overlapping objects. One thing I do in my spare time is video editing and drawing. Picture Of Me

As shown in the image, this project represents Japanese Art, known as Sumi Art. In this image, it shows Japanese symbols with a slight peaceful background. In Illustrator (AI), using words (as symbols) to describe something, in addition to making an abstract background using the objects and tools provided in the program, can create beautiful Sumi Art creations, as shown in this art piece.


As shown in this image, this image represents happiness. In this art piece, the vibrant colored balloons and confetti represent the 'happy' in the art piece, and the dull colored balloon shows the 'leading into happiness'. While creating the art piece, the skill to master was space, using a fortune from a cookie. The fortune I was given to make this art piece was, 'Happier Days Are Definitely Ahead Of You' and the main skill was to make the fortune not obvious to what it was, and make sense. In Illustrator (AI), using gradients and perspective, in addition to adding little objects to have a little more contrast, can create beautiful fortune cookie creations.


As shown in this image, this image represents a right to vote. Most voting campaigns take on one of the most incredible designs to publish to the public. In this art piece, the transparent colored flag and the repetition of the words shows the right to vote. The skill to master in this art piece was type/typography. In Illustrator (AI), repeating the same words to make one word completely, and making objects to look like a 'ballot' or 'voting papers', can create a voting campaign similar to ones that are published worldwide.


As shown in this image, this image represents a recreation of cereal boxes. Popular cereal box designs come from artists' imagination. The skill to master in this art piece was shape, form, and gradients. The milk jug and reflective milk spill creates depth of the art piece. Illustrator (AI), using three-dimensional objects, mapping art, and using gradient patches can create entertaining cereal box designs.


As shown in this image, this project represents Mandela designs. Mandela designs are symbols repeated in a circular motion. In this image, during my free time, it shows a lilypad floating in water. In Illustrator (AI), using radial gradients and repeating colored objects to make it seem like a real life image can create beautiful Mandela designs.