Multicolor heading that says my porfolio
Kaitlyn Dunn


My artist statement is that if anyone has a dream, follow it. I would say that my mom is a huge inspiration to me because she tells me to always try my best. My specific art style is very colorful, as I always like to try to stay on the bright side of things. Some things to know about me are that I love reading,I love Harry Potter,Star Wars,chocolate and sushi.



This project was for the shape and form unit. Since when I made this project it was close to Halloween, I decided to make a trick-or-treat basket, a candle and some candy in a still life made in Illustrator.

A trick-or-treat basket, a candle and some candy
My monogram


This project was for the typography unit. I was inspired by one of my favorite quotes and I used my initials. I decided to use a white outline, a gradient and a glow because the colors best represented me.



This project was for the program intergration unit. I used Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator. I decided to do something that resembled a wallpaper, but make it rainbow! We had to scan our shoes so I wore my Converse and in Photoshop I cut out the diamond shape, copied them and made them different colors, then arranged them in Illustrator.

Rainbow diamonds alternating on a blue background
Black and white stripes alternating


This project was for the space unit. It was required to be black and white and also look like it was going off into the distance. I wanted it to look like an optical illusion as well.



This project was for the animation unit and we had to choose a nursery rhyme to animate. I chose Hickory-Dickory Dock because it's my favorite one. Even though it was a fun project it was still very frustrating.

Animation of Hickory-Dickory Dock