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Physical Education

Hello DSA Families,
Welcome to our first edition of the DSA Physical Education @ home activities.  Coach Meade and Coach Searls have put together activities you can enjoy as a family that will help you not only continue to meet our curriculum goals, but hopefully help you stay Fit, Healthy and Ready to Learn.

For the next 2 weeks we hope you will be active with your families at least 60 minutes each day.  Get outside when you can and enjoy this beautiful Florida Weather.  Please complete the activities listed specific for either Elementary, or Middle School.  If you find you have extra time and would like more things to do, please feel free to enjoy more of the links within the assignments. 

Elementary Lessons

Please download the Cap N Pete document by clicking on the picture below to see Cap N Pete’s activities for you to enjoy.   

CapN Pete link to download the document

Please pick at least 2 different activities to complete on your designated PE Days.  Record your activity on the activity log you can share with Coach Meade by email:  We would love to see you in action if you want to share video or pictures too. 

Here is a link to the Activity log for Elementary:  Physical  Activity Log


Middle School Lessons

Middle School Students:  Please complete at least 1 AMRAP Challenge Card each day as your warm up.  Similar exercises to what we do daily for our warm up activity. After completing the 5-minute warm up you will need to choose an activity(s) to do at home that you enjoy and can do with the equipment and facilities you have available to you.  Please make sure you are active for at least 60 minutes each day.  Normally for your fitness logs we ask you to do 30 minutes of activity outside of school, but since we are not in class each day right now, we are asking you to complete the additional 30 minutes or more at home.  Please find activities you enjoy but keep the recommendations of Social Distancing in mind when choosing your activities.  Now is a great time to try things like walking or running with your family. Bike Riding! Playing tag games with your family, maybe try badminton, tennis, bocce ball if you have the equipment and space.  If you don’t have any equipment or space to be outside, then come up with some creative ideas of things you can do at home. Make sock balls and learn to juggle.  Make paper wads and play basketball inside with a trash can or laundry basket.  Try to teach your little brother or sister how to play a game you enjoy. You do not have to be active for 60 minutes straight, break it up into several small sessions and different activities if you can.  I am always here to give you suggestions as well, so just send me an email. Please check Focus for due dates of each assignment.

Here is the Fitness log I would like you to fill out for the next 2 weeks. DSA MS FL
Please try to use electronic versions when ever possible.  You should be able to type directly into the document and send it back to me by email.  If not, feel free to print and fill out, then take a picture of the completed document and send it to me.  We would love to see you in action, feel free to share video or pictures with us as well.  Have fun, be active and stay safe!  Don’t forget to wash your hands!

Coach Searls, Coach Meade, Coach Moots and Coach MacNeill