Spotlight On Mrs. Stamper

Mrs. Stamper's Recommended Books List:

  • Zoo & Zoo keeper Books

  • Animal Hero Books

  • Giraffe Books & Polar Bear, Black Bear, Grizzly Bear

  • Books

  • Sea Turtles, Gopher Tortoise Books

  • Jacques Cousteau & Scuba Diving, Whale Sharks

  • Hawaii, Tanzania, Montana, Alaska, Tennessee Books

  • Franklin Series

  • Maze Runner Series, Harry Potter Series, Divergent Series

  • Wrinkle in Time

  • Guardians of Ga’Hoole

Mrs. Stamper holding a book

Dino-Mite Book Fair LogoOur Book Fair was Dino-Mite!

Thank you to all the volunteers that made our Spring book fair awesome! The choir and story tellers also did a Dino-Mite job on family night.

Student buying books at book fair Kids buying books at the book fair

Book Fair valcano

Book Fair dinosaur

Did you know we have a Little Library?The Little Library

The Little Library is located in the school garden. SpacerThe policy is “give one, get one” and that’s truly it! Once people read a book it usually sits on a shelf collecting dust. Instead, after students finish a book, they can put it in the Little Library and choose a new book to read.

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Our Librarians

Mrs. Stamper
Mrs. Hannan

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