General Information

Dress code

Elementary students must wear purple or gold DSA pullover shirts, and middle school students are to wear black, grey or turquoise shirts. All official DSA shirts are available and on sale through the school office.

Just a reminder as you are out looking for khaki uniform bottoms, please know they must be uniform (not jean material or have brads on them). You can purchase the proper uniform bottoms from the following places: JC Penny, Target, Wal-Mart, Sears, Bealls and Old Navy.

Tennis shoes are preferable, but all shoes must be enclosed in the front and the back. No boots of any kind are allowed. Socks must be in school colors only. A plain black belt must be worn with any uniform bottoms that have belt loops. No large or decorative belt buckles are allowed.

During cold weather, students may layer long sleeve shirts UNDER their pullover shirts. Long sleeve shirts must be white, black, or gray. Official DSA jackets and sweatshirts are available for sale or order through the school office. Prices are $15.00 for a sweatshirt and $30.00 for a jacket.



Grades K through 2 use color coded cards inside the classroom and the "Arts Card" outside of the classroom. Third through 5th grade students will use the BEACON card that is attached to their agenda. Examples of the cards are given below. Teachers mark the cards when discipline is necessary and students earn rewards based on the number of, or lack of, marks on the cards.

K-2: Arts Card Front Arts Card Back


Middle School students have a AAA card attached to their agendas for each 9 weeks. Students earn rewards according to the number of marks on the AAA card. Parents will receive a phone call when a student has accumulated 5 marks on the card and more than 7 marks may result in a referral, work day, or other disciplinary action. See your student's AAA card for details. Parents should check the cards daily and are required to sign agendas at each mark on the card to indicate they have seen the discipline cards.

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  Leadership Card Front Leadership Card Back