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Bookfair coming October 10th


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    Our annual Rock-A-Walk was last Friday, October 3rd. Rock-A-Walk raises funds to support teachers and staff, and it is the only P.T.O. fundraiser we do for the whole year. Kindergarten to Eighth grade students were encouraged to give donations with a student goal of $25. If students earned $5 in donations, they were released for 45 minutes to go to the track. Every time the students walked around the track, they got a stick. If a student got three sticks, they received a popsicle. The winning fundraisers are listed below.


    Morgan Watts 1st Place
    Russell Watts 2nd Place
    Cole Watts 3rd Place
    Cooper Katz 4th Place
    Timothy Hall 5th Place
    Mara Jade Babitt 6th Place
    Austin Reed 7th Place
    Helina Reed 8th Place
    Peyton Kachmanik 9th Place
    Ashlynn Finley 10th Place
    Michael Firzarny 11th Place
    Amanda Fernandez 12th Place
    Ashley Fernandez 13th Place
    Taylor Wilson 14th Place
    Alondra Fuentes 15th Place
    Hannah Gill 16th Place
    Alec Moszenberg 17th Place
    William Dixon 18th Place
    Haley Owens 19th Place
    Erie Stewart 20th Place
    Cal Brooks 21st Place
    Dax Brooks 22nd Place
    Skylar Young 23rd Place
    Joseph Xiahor 24th Place
    Sydney Hayes 25th Place
    Hannah Heaford 26th Place


    Thank you to everyone who participated and to the volunteers who helped make this a fun event!



    Teacher and Staff of the Year Announced!

    The Davenport School of the Arts' Teacher and Employee of the Year has been announced! Congratulations to Harold Wright for being Teacher of the Year. Read more about Mr. Wright here! Congratulations to Jose Baez for being Employee of the Year! Information about him will be posted soon.


    In The News...

    Mrs. Tracy Miller was recently featured in the Lakeland Ledger for teaching Math with technology. Read about it here.

    Read about Coach Searls, named an NFL Play 60 Fitnessgram project champion.



    Welcome Mrs. Hughes, Assistant Principal

    Mrs. Hughes shares her life with her awesome husband Scott of 21 years and her children Ty, Heath and Maddie. She has a Bachelor of Science degree in Elementary Education from the University of Central Florida and a Master's of Education in Educational Leadership from the American College of Education. Mrs. Hughes has 26 years of teaching experience which include, 2nd grade, 5th grade, 20 years as a K-5 grade Science Laboratory Resource Teacher, Magnet Teacher Resource Specialist Trainer and previous owner of Mad Science of Central Florida. Mrs. Hughes has facilitated District and Statewide professional development in K-8 Science instruction and has been awarded over $10,000.00 in STEM grant monies for her previous schools. Mrs. Hughes' dream is to inspire and empower teachers to deliver exciting and engaging instruction for all students!

    She believes "…when our attitudes out distance our abilities, even the impossible becomes possible." –John C. Maxwell

    A Note to Parents...

    In an effort to keep our campus safe and secure, the Sheriff has recommended that the DSA gates be closed at all times when school is in session. Parents who are accustomed to walking their students to class in the morning will be reminded by a staff member at the gate.. Students will be welcomed through the gates until 8:30, when all gates will be locked. Students and parents arriving after that point will need to check in through the main office.

    We welcome our parents as volunteers and visitors; however, from now on everyone must come in to the campus through the main office. Thank you for helping to keep our campus safe for all our students!



    BYOD banner


    A Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) program is being implemented on all high school, and some middle school, campuses in Polk County. DSA is one of the middle schools joining this initiative. Please encourage your students to begin bringing their own devices to school, as your teachers begin implementing the program in their classrooms. A link to the BYOD information can be found on the IST web page and the Network Manager Information Site in The IST staff has upgraded the secured wireless network to enhance the BYOD program. We will provide support and professional development.


    Q. Will my child have access to the same educational applications available on district equipment?
    Answer: Your child will have access to any web based application the school currently uses (Databases, library search tools etc.).

    Q. As a parent, am I required to add additional software (virus protection, filter, tracking device, etc.) to my child's device?
    Answer: No. Virus protection is always advised, but not required. While on the school network, students will be monitored through the district's filter.

    Q. If my child's device is stolen or damaged while at school, what should I do?
    Answer: The district is not responsible for any damage or theft of student owned device. Theft or vandalism of any kind should be reported immediately to the School Resource Officer (SRO) on campus so he/she can take the appropriate steps.

    Q. Does the Acceptable Use Policy ("AUP") apply to my own personal device?
    Answer: Yes. The Acceptable Use Policy for Polk County Schools remains in effect even when you are using your own device. Violating the terms of the AUP would be a student code of conduct violation and would be dealt with as such.

    Q. Where are the District Technology Policies located?
    Answer: www.polk-fl.net → Staff → Technology → Tech Policies


    All students will need to know their POLK-FL network username and password (Please note that elementary students do not have network credentials at this time. Only middle and high school students can use this option). This is referred to as your POLK-FL credentials. To obtain this information, please ask your teacher to provide this information.



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